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6th International Conference on Smart Monitoring, Assessment
and Rehabilitation of Civil Structures
6-8 September 2022
Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Tongji University

Tongji University is one of the leading universities in China under the direct administration of Chinese Ministry of Education, listed on the national “Project 985” and “Project 211”. With a history of over a century, Tongji proposed its vision of “a sustainability-oriented world-class university” in 2013. The university now covers 10 broad categories of academic disciplines, including engineering, science, medicine, management, economics, philosophy, literature, law, education and arts. The number of faculty stands at 2814, of which 1028 are professors. The university now registers 17757 full-time undergraduate students, 12852 graduate students, 5246 Ph.D. candidates and another 3468 international students. There are 3 State Key Laboratories, 1 National Engineering Lab, 5 National Engineering (Technology) Research Centers, and 53 ministerial/provincial-level key labs and engineering (technology) research centers as well as 8 affiliated hospitals. In 1952 after a nationwide campaign of restructuring universities, Civil Engineering at Tongji became the strongest discipline and Civil Engineering at Tongji keeps the No. 1 ranking in China for the past decades according to the official assessment by Chinese Ministry of Education.

You can learn more about Tongji University by checking the university's offcial website at: www.tongji.edu.cn


Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa)

As an interdisciplinary research institute of the ETH Domain, Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, conducts cutting-edge materials and technology research. Empa’s R&D activities focus on meeting the requirements of industry and the needs of society, and thus link applications-oriented research to the practical implementation of new ideas. As a result, Empa is capable of providing its partners with customized solutions that not only enhance their innovative edge and competitiveness, but also help to improve the quality of life for the public at large. Through an efficient technology transfer Empa is turning research results into marketable innovations: Empa – The Place where Innovation Starts.

You can learn more about Empa by checking the offcial website at: https://www.empa.ch